Company Profile

A commitment to quality & growth

Avgol Nonwoven Industries is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of ultra lightweight and top quality nonwoven fabrics primarily for manufacturers of baby diapers, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products.

Since 1988, Avgol has been steadily expanding its production and innovation capabilities, while gaining a standing as one of the top 2 suppliers in the field of unwoven for hygiene.  

Avgol’s unwavering commitment to its customers and uncompromising reliability in supplying high-quality products has created long-term and loyal relationship with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

 Avgol’s firm dedication to quality begins with the choice of the finest raw materials, continues with sophisticated production lines monitored by Avgol’s robust QA processes and standards, all the way through to packaging and delivery.

With many years of experience in export and import logistics, an impressive global presence, and in conjunction with strategically located warehouses in the USA and Europe, Avgol carries out reliable, just-in-time delivery to its customers.

The company’s commitment to growth and development is based on valued long-term partnerships with customers, innovative expertise in producing very lightweight spunmelt materials, and its ability to make decisions quickly and follow through accordingly.

Strength through focus and innovation

Avgol’s strategic decision to focus its resources in a specific target market, one raw material, proprietary technology and production equipment has proven itself in its ability to continually produce innovative solutions for its customers:

  • Reduction of basis weight while maintaining functionality at ultra fast line speeds.
  • At the forefront of softness technology, both BiCo & Mono.
  • Experts in Zone Coating with perfect quality and accuracy.
  • Leaders in North America in “Practical Green” manufacturing.

Taking innovation around the world

In order to meet the requirements of customers operating around the world, at the highest standards of service and product quality, Avgol makes ongoing investments in the development and expansion of the company’s first-rate, lightweight spunmelt production assets.

Today, Avgol’s production facilities include plants in the USA, Israel, Russia and China, with advanced Reicofil lines for spunbonded and composite spunbond and meltblown fabrics, as well as proprietary technology such as AVSPUN™ and AVSOFT™ hydroentangled spunlaid fabrics.

People & products you can count on
Avgol’s professional management team is closely involved in all aspects of the company’s day-to-day operations. As the company continues to grow, customers know they can depend on the people at Avgol as much as they trust the products. The result is a web of close-knit relations and long-term partnerships with leading customers throughout the world in a variety of industries, based on mutual benefit and growth.

We are a global supplier of non woven hygiene solutions to the world's leading brands. Specialists in diaper, feminine care and adult incontinence solutions, we are passionate about contributing to the quality of life and wellbeing of millions of babies, mothers and senior citizens.