Style: @S-S70-26 | 10gsm, Hydrophobic, White

Description   Test Methods Target
 Basis Weight  (gsm)  Avgol 10
 Tensile Strength MD (N/5cm)  WSP 110.4 (Option B)  21
 Tensile Strength CD  (N/5cm)  WSP 110.4 (Option B)  10
 Elongation at Break MD  (%)  WSP 110.4 (Option B)  50
 Elongation at Break CD  (%)  WSP 110.4 (Option B)  60
 Water Resistance  (mm)  WSP 80.6  110
 Air Permeability  (l/m²/sec)  WSP 70.1  2800
AVGOL reserves the right to update product specifications according to technological developments.

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