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Leadership Team

The Avgol Leadership Team is closely involved in all aspects of the company’s day-to-day operations. As the company continues to grow, customers know they can depend on the people at Avgol as much as they trust the products we produce. The result is our history of long-term partnerships with leading customers throughout the world in a variety of industries, based on mutual benefit and growth.

Avgol board of directors

D.K. Agarwal, Director & Chairman of the Board

D.K. Agarwal
Director &
Chairman of the Board

Christopher Kenneally, Director

Christopher Kenneally

Shishir Vijay Pimplikar, Director

Shishir Vijay Pimplikar

Ashok Kumer Arora, Director

Ashok Kumer Arora

Rita Avni, External Director

Rita Avni
External Director

Rami Entin, External Director

Rami Entin
External Director

Yaacov Goldman, Independent Director

Yaacov Goldman
Independent Director

Shachar Rachim, Director & CEO

Shachar Rachim
Director & CEO

Avgol Leadership Team

Shachar Rachim, CEO & Director

Shachar Rachim
CEO & Director

Sivan Yedidsion, CFO and VP of Operations

Sivan Yedidsion
VP of Operations

Tommi Bjornman, CCO

Tommi Bjornman

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A global team

With a global commercial and technical team ready to support them, Avgol is the trusted global hygiene partner to leading brands around the world.

World map showing Avgol™ locations

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