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Environmental, social and economic responsibility is core to our vision, mission and values. At Avgol, we’re committed to how we as a business (and as humans) can better co-exist with nature alongside our need to use natural resources. We do this by taking a proactive approach to our sustainable practices; using sustainability as a guide to improve our operations to allow us to work better. Not only that, we’re committed to continuously developing our policies and ways of working to ensure our colleagues, customers, partners, and local or partner communities can live better. Finally, we hope to grow better as a result of our forward-thinking sustainability strategy.

Read on for a summary of how we aim to do the right thing, better. Or, for further reading on our policies relating to sustainability, please download our Global Integrated Business Management Systems Policy statement.

Download our Global Integrated Business Management Systems Policy statement here…

Live Better: Environmental Sustainability

Our products and services are developed in line with - but not limited to - the latest sustainability legislation. Going beyond the standard requirements, we aim to drive greater resource efficiency, consider alternative renewable solutions and incorporate green and bio-based technologies. We’re working towards a future in which the waste we produce and our carbon footprint is significantly reduced.

Our Commitment

  • Build the foundation of our sustainability strategy on our ISO 14001 accreditation. The international environmental management standard
  • Develop resource efficient products. Less packaging, with the same high-quality functionality
  • Champion zero manufacturing waste to landfill and recyclability potential of products. Support a less wasteful environment for future generations
  • Drive increased energy efficiency. Reduced consumption of natural resources such as water
  • Decrease C02 and energy emissions. Maximize renewable materials and energy, and champion a mindful logistics strategy, to help reduce our carbon footprint

Work Better: Social Sustainability

Similar to our approach to environmental sustainability, we don’t feel duty-bound to do the right thing in terms of social responsibility. We believe it’s intrinsic to creating an environment in which colleagues, partners and communities can thrive. Our policy is to invest in the people and communities we interact with to drive our vision of a future in which we live better.

Our Commitment

  • Keep our people, customers and consumers safe. Meet and maintain excellent health and safety standards
  • Invest in our people. Give our employees the support they need today to create a brighter future for tomorrow
  • Commit to supporting our local community

Grow Better: Economic Sustainability

Aligning our growth strategy with our investment in a sustainable future for our products, services and the people and communities we work with allows us to develop our business in a direction we can be truly proud of. By demonstrating our commitment to join a growing network of socially environmentally and economically responsible manufacturers, we aim to ensure that our products continue to be functional, resource efficient and relevant for future generations.

Our Commitment

  • Deliver growth and profitability in line with social, economic and environmental challenges
  • Meet and exceed our stakeholder expectations. Provide superior value to our shareholders
  • Continue to provide quality spun melt nonwoven products globally in line with commitment to sustainability
  • Adhere to the Avgol Business Management Systems Policy Statement to drive continuous improvement

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Our sustainability strategy will continue to evolve in line with global environmental challenges. Keep up to date with our Latest News or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for updates. Alternatively, please contact us to speak about sustainability.

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