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Avgol is a leader in the development of non-woven fabric technologies for the adult incontinence hygiene products market. We are sensitive to the needs of our ultimate consumers seeking discreet protection, hygiene and odour control and manufacture a range of top sheet, back sheet, leg cuffs, core wrap and ears solutions to meet these needs.

Today, the adult incontinence products market is estimated at $7 billion with a projected growth rate of 7-9% per annum to 2020.

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Why is the adult incontinence market growing?

  • The global adult diaper market is anticipated to showcase rapid expansion owing to the aging population, economic affluence and improvement of healthcare systems according to Transparency market research
  • With an aging global population, manufacturers are finding new ways of managing the many types of incontinence that can stem from childbirth, pregnancy, obesity, cancer treatment and general aging
  • Consumers today expect to maintain an active lifestyle, despite bladder and bowel concerns
  • Women currently comprise about 86% of the market, but men are rapidly becoming a more important demographic
  • Consumers are becoming more comfortable with talking about the topic and therefore seeking out new product solutions
  • Rise of key brands in the adult incontinence area promoting via television and editorial - including light incontinence products, male products and new odour control solutions
  • Products are becoming more underwear-like, discreet and more effective than conventional designs therefore popularity is growing

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