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Global feminine hygiene market

Avgol supplies a range of non-woven fabric technologies to the growing feminine hygiene market and knows that softness, comfort, security and odour control are paramount to a product’s success.

The global hygiene products market will grow to $78.9 billion, over 551 billion units, by 2018, according to a market report by Smithers Apex. Feminine hygiene products represent 31.5% of this value in product sales terms and 61.9% of total global hygiene market sales in units.

According to research the global feminine hygiene market is set to grow at a CAGR 4.92% in terms of revenue during 2014-2019.

Feminine Care

Why is the feminine hygiene products market growing?

  • Economic development in emerging economies moves consumers to disposable solutions
  • The rise in the number of working women has led to a rise in disposable income and growth to spend on improved hygiene solutions
  • An increase in awareness about health and hygiene from product advertisements and promotions has influenced buying behaviour, especially in emerging economies
  • Women are willing to spend more on health and hygiene products, driving the growth of market
  • Products are more discreet and effective than conventional designs

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