Avgol® – innovations for value, flexibility and sustainability

In order to anticipate the needs of consumers and create high performance technologies that meet the demands of modern commerce, Avgol® developed the unique Forward Innovative Thinking (FIT™) suite of fabric solutions.

Devised specifically to disrupt the established retail and manufacturing status quo, the FIT™ strategy turns the product development cycle on its head by creating value, flexibility and sustainability for brands and manufacturers from the outset.

The FIT™ strategy is part of our long-term ambition to bring new practical innovations to the market. Following several years of in-depth cross-market insight, Avgol designed the modular FIT™ suite of technologies to deliver heightened versatility and functionality.

These tangible benefits and qualities are built directly into the substrate, enabling manufacturers and retailers to improve the core value proposition of the end product and to meet ever-changing needs. By putting the user first, we are able to deliver true, consumer-led innovation.

We are committed to developing innovations in line with the principles of our unique FIT™ strategy.

A roadmap to unlocking technology

At Avgol®, we make the complex simple by always keeping a keen focus on the customer and the deliverable benefits for brands and designers alike. As part of this commitment, we have developed a roadmap that highlights the various elements comprising the FIT™ strategy, underlining the core consumer benefits that the technology platform unlocks.

Our strategy revolves around significantly boosting product value by putting the consumer and their needs at the center of our innovations. As no effective development model ever stays still, we are dedicated to supporting the continued natural evolution of the strategy.

Our innovations explained

The FIT™ strategy delivers five key solutions that fit your needs. Designed to be modular in nature, the technology can be used alone or alongside other FIT™ technologies to further enhance functionality and provide a palette of softness solutions for product designers.