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Introducing the Avgol Lux Family

Introducing the Avgol Lux Family15/07/16

Suitable for baby diapers, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products, the Avgol Lux family of non woven fabrics has been designed to provide hygiene products’ manufacturers with a new visually distinct soft touch fabric solution.

Suitable for top sheet, back sheet and leg cuff applications, as well as ear and landing zone substrates, the Avgol Lux family of fabrics meets the needs of the latest hygiene product design trends around the world.

In development for a number of years, significant research and development investment has been made in the Lux range across a number of product performance parameters, optimising the softness and mechanical properties. The range has achieved great market feedback and was launched in Asia in recent months.

Today the products in the Lux family are all visually distinct and create a soft perception with bulk for the consumer and are differentiated by their touch performance:

For more information on the Avgol Lux Family of soft non-woven fabric solutions, please contact info@avgol.com