Avgol® - Doing things better

Our global pledge: Environmental, social, and economic responsibility is core to all that we at Avgol® are. It is no small challenge for Avgol to take on the role of being the definitive leader in polypropylene spunlaid fabrics to the commercial brands around the world. To fulfill this role, Avgol shall continuously commit resources to pioneer new material-based solutions to better co-exist with nature.

How we are planning to do the right thing, better


We will take a proactive approach to sustainability by improving our operations and allow us to work as a team better


We will remain agile, continuously developing our policies and ways of working to ensure our colleagues, customers, partners, communities, and critically the generations to come, enjoy a better world.


We will partner with others that share this same environmental obligation to achieve new, meaningful, and timely results.


We will reduce the consumption of unrenewable resins in our products while achieving required performance


We will displace the use of unrenewable resins with alternate technologies to produce market differentiating products


We will replace unrenewable resins with alternate materials which minimize negative environmental impact

Read on for a summary of how we are planning to do the right thing, better. Or, for further reading on our policies relating to sustainability, please view the IVL report on Sustainability Development Goals

Avgol® -
The Better Things We Do

Driving towards a future in which our carbon footprint is driven towards zero, we are working to ensure all our products and services are developed on the leading edge of sustainability legislation.

Continuous efforts

Through our own continuous efforts, both as an individual business and in collaborations with like-minded partners, we aim to deliver ever greater resource efficiency, consider alternative advancements in fields of interest and incorporate clear value propositions in our products.

Our sustainability strategy


is the newest family in the Avgol FIT technology platform – a suite of fabric solutions focused on replacing elements of spunlaid nonwoven fabric design, where possible, with natural alternatives. Whether we displace resin content with a specially designed mineral-based filler and/or integrate organically sourced treatments and additives, the results are products unique not only to Avgol, but to the entire industry.