Avgol® wins prestigious Innovation Award for biotransformation technology for nonwovens

Avgol® has received the prestigious Innovation Award at the RIGHT Hygiene conference in recognition of its collaboration with Polymateria in development of pioneering biotransformation technology for nonwovens.

Mr. Sanjay Bhayani, Director of India Operations with Avgol, was presented with the award at the annual event held earlier this month in Delhi, India. 

“End of life issues with products that are comprised of nonwoven fabrics are as complicated as they are numerous,” said Mr. Bhayani. “Used product wastes, whether the simplest wipe material, the most prolific face masks or the most complicated in the form of baby diapers, all utilize polymeric resins that have a high degree of inertness and stability but that are difficult to recycle and degrade. We at Avgol embraced this issue with our technology partners at Polymateria to bring a new type of solution to the market, specifically in the form of the biotransformation technology.” 

Biotransformation is a unique functionality wherein a conventional nonwoven fabric can be modified to react to certain triggers to then begin a cascade, and importantly a fundamental chemical transformation of the polymer resin into a wax that is readily degraded by natural bacteria, microbes and fungi normally found in the environment. 

“The transformation is triggered through the combined effects of the natural elements of decay – air, moisture, heat and sunlight,” said Mr. Bhayani. “Once triggered, the material will transform into a low molecular weight wax structure leaving no microplastics or toxic residue behind. Moreover, if the product comprising the biotransformation technology is disposed of in the normal way and facilities are available, then it can be recycled by readily available means.” 

Mr. Bhayani said both he and the entire Avgol team were delighted and proud to receive the award, presented at the special ceremony at the closing of the event. 

“By bringing the Biotransformation technology to the various potential markets in India, we hope to offer a real-world solution to waste management,” he said. “We particularly hope to address aspects of the creation of fugitive waste and remove this from the environment without causing additional, and potentially more dangerous, problems.” 

Commenting on the company’s partnership with Avgol, Polymateria’s Chief Commercial Officer, Richard Horne, said: “I am delighted that Avgol has received this award, which is a testament to the step forward we have jointly made in creating fully biodegradable nonwoven products. I look forward to seeing these products rolled out widely in India and beyond.” 

Avgol, an Indorama Ventures Limited company, leads the global hygiene market with the most comprehensive range of lightweight, high performance spun-melt nonwoven fabrics. Based out of Imperial College London, Polymateria is an advanced technology development company which has pioneered biotransformation technology to enable the most commonly polluted plastic items to return to nature safely. The company was recognized as a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer in 2021.

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